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Our Services

We provide the following services:

  • Strategic      IT Consulting

To compete in today’s market, all businesses face the daunting task of keeping up with the latest technology.  Choosing the proper IT solution requires both expert understanding of technology and its practicality for a given business.  The pace at which technology changes adds to this challenge.  T8 Solutions will provide you with current best practices, not only by comparing industry trends, but identifying what really works.

  • Virtualization      Design and Implementation

T8 Solutions will assist customers during all aspects of their cloud adoption.  This frequently includes architecture design, implementation, maintenance, and best practices review.  We will be your personal guide as you journey into cloud computing, whether private, public, or hybrid.  We focus on providing real value with significant return on investment for our customers.  We do not recommend the implementation of technology for “technology’s sake.”

  • Data      Center Relocation Services

Relocating your business data center requires the proper orchestration of technical assets and clear collaboration with stakeholders.  Proper planning is the single most important aspect of any data center move, providing a solid foundation that will result in a seamless transition.  Whether moving existing assets, cutting over to new hardware, or migrating to a virtual infrastructure, T8 solutions is there every step of the way to assure a successful move.

  • Windows      and Active Directory Administration

Group Policy, DHCP and DNS, File and Print Services, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Terminal Services, SQL Server Administration and Performanace Tuning, SharePoint Setup and Administration, Internet Information Server, And More.

  • Network,      Firewall, and Wireless Setup

Security Appliances, Content Filtering, NAT and PAT, VPN,Remote Access, Load Balancing, Network Failover, Wireless Access, And More.